Website Controls

PHA-Web offers several controls that can be hosted on websites.

These controls are set up to connect to our Demonstration housing authority.

This means that the data viewed here is not for any actual tenants/landlords.

Waiting List Status

The waiting list status allows an applicant to enter their SSN, and it shows the status and position of the applicant on each waiting list that they are on.

An example applicant to look up is 111220930

Landlord Payments

The landlord payment lookup uses a username and password, which is assigned to the landlord on the landlord details page in HAP Accounting.

An example landlord to look at is the username 'test' and the password '2462'.

Tenant Balances

The tenant balance lookup allows a Public Housing tenant to look up their current balance and recent transactions.

An example tenant to look at is the username 'Thomas', password '0930'.

Waiting List App

The waiting list app allows a prospective applicant to enter the information necessary to create a waiting list application in PHA-Web, including family members and preferences.